AboutThe Client

The mission of The Joy Network is to engage our audience in the positive news of the day in an effort to uplift their spirits and therefore guide their minds to Christ. Through demonstration of the goodness of God through the impact He is having on the lives of those around us, The Joy Network aims to elevate the discourse of God and His work.

The purpose of JoySpeak is to show how everyday people can inspire other everyday people. Here, we strive to promote love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and selfcontrol! But, like the neighbor across the yard, the cubicle, the expressway, the state or the pond, we too have our struggles, pains and sorrows. For all who choose to grace our site with your presence, lay your burdens down and be revived by the stories found here – stories of overcomers, victors and heroes just like you!